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Aug 24, 2006 at 10:58pm IST

Domestic cricket set to get rankings

Mumbai: Taking a cue from the ICC the BCCI has decided to introduce its own awards and rating system.

The top performers of the season in both domestic and international cricket will be rewarded.

Niranjan Shah, Secretary of the BCCI, says: "When one gets prizes, it really encourages a player, and it also encourages other players to be in contention the next year. It’s very good for even junior cricket."

But it's the domestic rating system that has excited the players. They have welcomed the move and feel that these incentives will motivate them.

Robin Uthappa, member of the Karnataka Ranji team, says: "I’m certain that this will bring out the best in the players. I think the BCCI has come up with a good thing and but they should also make sure that the best bowler and batsman work for the better of Indian cricket."

But others are more cautious. They feel that the system should ensure a fair balance between all.

Milind Rege, the Chairman of selectors of the Mumbai Ranji team, says: "So what do you do with someone who is not so young so do you give him a place and deny a promising player a chance? I think they need to think because it won’t be very easy to rate domestic players."

It may be complicated but an overwhelming majority believe that the ratings system will held build player confidence and foster healthy competition at the grass-root level.

(With inputs from Deepa Balakrishnan in Bangalore)