Aug 22, 2012 at 10:54am IST

Donkey milk finds drinkers in Anamalai

Sale of donkey milk in the areas adjoining Anamalai Forest has wit-nessed a sudden spurt after a group of donkey-rearers from Tiruchy arrived there to do business.

Forced out of their native place due to poor patronage, the group has struck gold in Anamalai. The villagers believe that the milk is the best nutrition for their children as it has medicinal properties. Seven families, natives of Tholudur in Tiruchy District who have been selling donkey milk for generations, brought two donkeys each to Anamalai a few days ago. The group also travelled to Dindigul, Palani and Udumalpet after business became dull in Tiruchy. The group starts going around Thathur, Vettaikaranpudur and Periya Pothu villages surrounding Anamalai from 6 am till 11 pm.

“Villagers are interested in buying the milk and sales has increased when compared to other areas where we sold earlier,” said V Narasimman, the leader of the group.

“On Sunday, we sold milk to around 60 villagers in the Anamalai area as their children were down with cold,” he added.

Apart from the belief that this is a healthier option, another reason for the high sales was the reasonable pri-cing. Ten millilitres of fresh donkey milk costs `30 here, a meagre amount compared to Tirunelveli, Chennai and other cities were it is sold for `100 to `200. “One donkey can give up to 200 ml per day and we return regularly after selling more than 100 ml,” said Ganesh, another member of the group.He added that donkey milk is believed to cure asthma, psoriasis and abdominal diseases.