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Nov 10, 2011 at 10:24am IST

Driving to create awarenss on spinal injuries

New Delhi: Veteran journalist-cum-social activist Kanak Mani Dikshit, who drove down from Nepal, left Delhi on Wednesday morning to go on to his next stop, Peshawar in Pakistan. Dikshit's journey is aimed at increasing awareness about spinal injuries.

"This little car is called the Spinal Beetle. this is the mascot of our spinal injury rehab centre in Nepal," Dikshit said.

A nasty fall into a 150-feet-deep ditch in 1991 left Dikshit almost paralysed. He then went on to set up a spinal injury centre in Nepal.

"I could have been a quadruplegic with no movements of any limbs but I was lucky my spinal corum remained inntact. I was stuck on the cliffside for three days on a little edge over the messenge river. I was discovered on the fourth day," Dikshit recounts.

He added, "I realised it was a relative priveledge position of priveledge in the Nepalese society that gave me those facilities, whereas the majority of spinal injury patients in Nepal are from indigent or marginalised BGS backgrounds."

Through his sub-continent journey, Dikshit aims to generate $ 110,000 worth of aid for the cause.

"When I came from Kathmandu to Delhi, via Lucknow and Agra, the ease with which I travelled should also extend to Bangladesh across to Pakistan," He said.

one man, one mission and a journey of 1100 miles. Dikshit is reaching as far as he can to create awareness and spreading a positivity that he hopes will be ccontagious.