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Oct 03, 2008 at 10:27pm IST

Drona, a visual treat with special FX

Mumbai: Though the film itself may not have got good reviews, the visual effects of the Abhishek Bachchan starrer Drona are breath-taking by the standards achieved in any Indian film so far.

The film tries to match international standards. The producers have spent over US $2 million on special effects of the film which was put in place by a team of 60 VFX experts in approximately 6 months.

Drona’s glossy visual effects are a result of a joint venture between the visual effects wizards from both India and Hollywood.

Director Goldie Behl had hired renowned VFX supervisor David Bush to work with Fireworks, an Indian visual effects company to deliver something that hasn’t been seen on Indian screens before.

Drona is a magical adventure and to create this magical journey, director Goldie had set very high technical and quality requirements. Futureworks have finished the works in four thousand resolution, which is something very few films have been done in this particular fashion. I think its the first for the Indian cinema,” said the Director of Fireworks, Gaurav Gupta.

The special effects were achieved by taking different plates which had been shot separately. Some are shot on the green screen and some on live action plates. Then all of the plates were composited together to give the effect.

Bollywood's first magical adventure fantasy comes with a hefty budget of around Rupees 50 crore and the distributors are praying that it will spin some magic at the box office as well.

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