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Mar 05, 2013 at 09:48pm IST

DSP murder: Is UP Police trying to create an escape route for Raja Bhaiya?

New Delhi: Even though Raja Bhaiya has been booked for criminal conspiracy in the DSP Zia-ul-Haq murder case, in a bizarre turn of events, the UP police is now creating a completely new theory.

At a press conference, the UP ADG, Law and Order, Arun Kumar, said, "The bullet that was recovered was of .315 bore. The bullet that grazed the DSP's body is of a different bore." His statement basically means that there is a difference in the bullet found on the spot and the bullet which killed the DSP.

He also added that the bullet marks which were found on the DSP's arms indicated the use of a possible police weapon. And then in the same breath, he admitted that the bullet which killed the DSP was yet to be recovered.

This raises several questions:

- Is Raja Bhaiya's involvment not going to be investigated?

- Why have the police failed to find out a single eyewitness to the killings?

- If the bullet that killed DSP Zia-ul-Haq is different from the one recovered from the spot, then were there others involved in the killing?

- Is ADG Arun Kumar suggesting that the DSP may have been killed by a police weapon?

- Why is the UP Police trying to separate investigations into the murder from the case of conspiracy?

There were two other lives taken as well. Arrests have been made in that case. It seems the UP Police, despite the case being handed over to the CBI, wants to prepare sufficient ground to create an escape route for Raja Bhaiya.