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Sep 04, 2007 at 01:16am IST

DU goes to polls but are students interested?

New Delhi: One place where reform has been difficult to implement is student politics. With four days to go for elections in Delhi University, the candidates are all charged up but are students interested?

The race to woo the voter is picking up steam but students on campus say they've had enough of this annual ritual.

“It is all about money and muscle power,” says a dejected student while his friend says that “it's all hollow and they have nothing to do with students once the elections are over.”

But leaders continue to make promises and that too with a straight face.

“I can promise you that we will be there beside you every time you need us,” says NSUI candidate Amrita.

Despite these promises, accountability is not too high on the agenda, which is a fact acknowledged by an office bearer himself.

“Out of the four people elected last year, three never even turned up for any meeting for the rest of the year,” outgoing VP, DUSU, Vikas Dhaiya admits.

This year the Delhi High Court has cancelled nominations of 10 candidates in view of the Lyngdoh Committee recommendations. But student leaders insist these recommendations are impractical.

“I feel the Chief Election Officer himself cannot live on Rs 10,000 rupees for 10 days,” Dhaiya says.

University officials, on the other hand, feel nothing will change unless student leaders stop idolising the current breed of politicians.

“If they ape others they will remain apes, they should try and bring about change,” DU Vice-Chancellor Deepak Pental says.

Student politics today is marked by glamour, materialism and muscle power and it is the big political parties in the country, which are largely responsible for grooming these future leaders in the wrong way.

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