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Dubai: Unemployed Indian man kills wife to avoid paying her alimony, arrested

Press Trust of India
Sep 24, 2013 at 07:25am IST

A jobless Indian man in Dubai allegedly strangled his wife to death with the help of his Pakistani friend because he could not afford paying her alimony after divorcing her.

The 23-year-old man, identified only as AB, fled to India right after the murder in March but was arrested later. He is believed to have had long time problems with his wife and he planned to get rid of her, according to the testimony of his Pakistani friend, identified as RS, who is also charged with helping him kill the woman.

The two men stood trial in the Court of First Instance on the charge of premeditated murder of the victim by strangling her with their hands as she was sleeping, Khaleej Times reported.

Dubai: Unemployed Indian man kills wife to avoid paying her alimony, arrested

Dubai: Unemployed Indian man kills wife to avoid paying her alimony, arrested

The woman's body was discovered by a cleaner in a sandy location in Al Foqah area on Dubai-Al Ain road on the morning of March 11. The body was wrapped in a big, black garbage plastic bag, with the upper part of the body out of the bag.

AB's father said that his son and RS were very close friends and were colleagues, as well. They used to share the same accommodation before the woman's arrival in Dubai to work, a few months before she was killed.  

The father said that the victim used to complain about AB beating her up and drinking alcohol. She was also not happy with his friendship with RS. He added that the victim was upset because her husband was cheating on her with a Filipina, which was one of the major reasons for their fights.  

The police tracked RS who confessed that AB had given him a gold necklace and borrowed Dh 600, which he needed to purchase an airline ticket.  "RS confessed that AB wanted to divorce the victim but feared the Indian law which would oblige him to pay her a monthly alimony which he could not afford," the officer added.  

The pair dumped the body in a remote location. RS then dropped AB to the airport the following day and was caught shortly after that. Records did not specify how and when the husband, AB, was arrested.


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