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Dec 05, 2011 at 11:16am IST

Durban: Protestors march for climate justice at UN Convention on climate change

Durban: Hundreds of protestors gathered, pushing for a strong treaty outside the Convention Hall, urging world leaders to push for a strong treaty at the UN Convention on climate change in Durban.

Their appeal aimed at diplomats huddled in negotiations at the UN Framework Convention for Climate Change, who were looking at a new treaty to curb greenhouse gas emissions before the lapse of the Kyoto protocol. The crowd, estimated at 6,500, snaked through the coastal city's downtown area shouting and singing against a backdrop of drums.

Even as the conference was under way, India made its stand very clear that some of the issues that fell off the map in Cancun need to be brought back, namely the issue of equity, trade and intellectual property rights. India has also made it clear that it wants the Kyoto protocol to continue rather than launching a new process for a climate treaty.

Jayant Mauskar, Special Secretary, MOEF, said, "We feel that a second commitment period should be established under the Kyoto protocol."

As people take to the streets of Durban, it now remains to be seen whether what is being said outside will be heeded to inside.

It's a cry for climate justice and the people are hoping that they will be heard by the hundreds of world leaders gathered at the convention centre. What they are asking for is an extension of the Kyoto protocol that will apply to countries across the world.