Dwarakish celebrates his 70 birthday

Aug 24, 2012 at 12:17pm IST

Short in height but tall in achievements, actor, producer and director Dwarakish hosted a memorable party to the colleagues on August, 20 night at Atria Hotel to celebrate his 70 birthday, out of which he has spent his 50 years in the film Industry. The presence of people from filmdom, young actors and technicians made the occasion more happening. It went down the memory lane and the party was on upto midnight as the guests made brief presence frequently.

"I have not achieved anything on own. The power of God has made me to take up 49 films, direction of 20 films and also i have acted in over 300 films in the last 50 years. The persons like Dr Rajakumar, Dr Vishnuvardhana, Tamil super star Rajinikanth, N Veera Swamy, Gangappa, KC Desai and others extended the required help in my life. 18 long years of gap and coming back via 'Aptha Mithra' is nothing but God support" said Dwarakish."

Ambarish, Sumalatha, RN Sudarshan, Vinod Raj, Srinivasamurthy and KSL Swamee rendered the songs at the party. While addressing the people Shivarajakumar said, "Sincerity is missing today in the film industry, I’lI remember his film 'Bangarada Manushya' always".

Dr B Saroja Devi, Dr Leelavathi, Dr Srinath, V Ravichandran, KSL Swamee, Sudarshan and Shailashri, Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce members, KCN Chandrasekhar, SV Rajendra Singh Babu, CR Simha, Shivarajakumar, Priyamani, Hema Chaudhary, Shivaramanna, MN Lakshmi Devi, B Jaya, Balaji, Srinivasamurthy, Ramesh Bhat, Vinod Raj, Sudharani, Vijaya Raghavendra, SA Chinne Gowda, producer Ankalagi, Shailendra Babu, Madhusudhan Reddy, Anandappa, Manikchand, Thara Anuradha, Basanthkumar Patil, KV Gupta, Harshika Poonacha, his family members and others attended the event.