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Apr 03, 2010 at 03:30pm IST

Easter: hymns of praise mark end of lent

Mumbai: Hymns of praise as Christians mark the end of lent the 40 days of fasting and prayer, leading up to Easter. It culminates in this 12th cent ritual, the service of humility where the holy Bishop washes the feet of the priests, signifying no one is above God. It brings together believers -- both young and old.

"It's happening after 14 years in this church. Washing of the feet symbolises washing away your sins. It's significant in the month of lent when we give up our comfort and certain things we are used to. It humbles me and teaches me a lot," said Sharvin Kurein.

"It's a sacrifice, irrespective of the pain it inflicts on us. Humility is the most important value," said

And then on to Good Friday - the day the Lord was believed to have died on the cross. This is one day when no Christian will ever miss church. It's the pillar of our faith, the day Christ died for us.

"Christ showed the right path to the disciples and asked them to serve the poor. This is the message of service, to serve each other, this is the message of life, for common people," said the Bishop.

The hours leading to Easter Sunday, the day Christians believe Jesus arose from the dead, will now be spent in prayer.

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