Dec 24, 2008 at 07:47pm IST

Economic meltdown: Art market faces heat

New Delhi: The art market is surely feeling the heat these days. Just as in the real estate market, there is talk in hushed tones about art works also being put up on bargain for the buyers. It is the best time for buyers to strike a deal.

But there are still some galleries who are sticking it out to bring experimental works to the fore.

The show that's running at Gallery Espace has works from women artists from across the world. But it's about going beyond the canvas. Internationally renowned artist Rina Banerji is showing in India for the first time.

Her piece is about how medicines eat up our body to leave it redundant. In a way, being eaten while you are eating. But coming from the States, the reactions she gets here are varyingly different.

"Living in US we are isolated, we fear knowing the world too fast. But here there is a sense that you have the world before you and aggressively, you have to enter the world," said Rina.

Just as Rina tries to bridge the gap between two different worlds through her art, Paula Sengupta from Kolkata struggles to bring together similar but seperated worlds of India and Bangladesh but in a cheerful manner. She plays with the one common fascination for fish.

"Geogrpahically in terms of time just two hours separation of what used to be home and what is home," said Paula.

Art makret is going through not just a correction but is also feeling the tremours of the global meltdown. And in this show, to go beyond the canvas for experimental art is quite a challenge.

"It's like a future investment for any gallery," said Director, Gallery Espace, Renu Modi.

It's a far sightedness that very few galleries in India have today. Looking beyond an unsteady market and still pushing the purpose of art.