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Feb 08, 2012 at 09:50pm IST

Editor's take: The Karnataka sleaze row

New Delhi: A day after three Karnataka BJP ministers were caught watching an obscene clip in the Assembly, the party has shown them the door. Three ministers, CC Patil, Lakshmana Savadi and Krishna Palemar, who were caught watching porn in the Karnataka Assembly have been barred from attending the Assembly till the probe into the matter is over.

But the question is whether we are hypocritical when it comes to watching porn.

IBN18 Editor-in-Chief Rajdeep Sardesai's take on whether we are hypocritical when it comes to watching porn:

In the land of Kamastura, sexual morality has been riddled with hypocrisy and double standards. We 'objectify' women in all kinds of ways, but will manufacture outrage every time someone is caught in the 'act'.

Yes, watching pornography in the state Assembly represents a new low in public behaviour, but before we rush to condemn the act, let's not forget that our state assemblies have their fair share of members with far worse criminal records. And while the ministers may have resigned, will we also act against the moral police when they take the law into their hands the next time?