Mar 20, 2014 at 02:58pm IST

Eight-month-old Colombian baby weighing 20 kgs (as much as a six year old) taken away from mother for life-saving treatment

Eight month old Santiago Mendoza was taken away from his mother Eunice Fandino after his weight shot up to a staggering 20 kgs, as much as the weight of a six year old. The infant will be put on a diet, therapist Salvador Palacios has said, the Mirror reported.

Fandino admitted that every time the baby cried she gave him food or milk to calm him down. But the good news is that Santiago will finally get the help he desperately needs. He was flown from Valledupar to the capital Bogota by volunteers from a charity Chubby Hearts foundation. The Mirror said Fandino wrote asking for help with Santiago, who has already suffered medical complications due to his weight. All images are from Reuters.