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Dec 24, 2007 at 09:02pm IST

Electronics retailers hoping for surge in festival time

Mumbai: Christmas and New Year are a season to be merry and also generous. Electronics retailers are hoping for a surge especially in generosity for them to cash on.

Christmas time now means sale time in India. Electronics retailers like the future group's e-zone and the TATA's Croma are keen on making the Christmas holidays a time to shop.

So offers like buy a TV and get an X-Box gaming console free or buy a washing machine and get clothes drier free are everywhere.

E-zone and electronic bazaar Ceo, Manoj kumar says, “We started it last year and it was a stupendous success and this year again we are repeating it."

Last year e-zone made Rs 45 crore during the Christmas New Year season. This year it’s expecting at least Rs 150 crore.

Which is a staggering 20 per cent of its expected Rs 800 crore revenue this year. Other retailers too want to cash in on Santa.

Infiniti Retail Ceo and MD Ajit joshi says, “Santa has no religion, Santa is, I can’t call him a god but he's every child's dream."

He's also turning out to be a retailer's dream.

Tata Croma for example says that its Christmas-New Year sale should ensure 40 per cent more products sold than usual...

Which would then rival Diwali as India's favourite shopping festival.

Internationally, electronics retailers look upon the Christmas-New Year season as the most lucrative for sales.

In India, Diwali has had that place. This year, with many Indian electronics retailers in their first full year of operations they want to make sure that Christmas New Year festival is as lucrative for them as Diwali has been.

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