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Mar 30, 2011 at 02:35pm IST

Elizabeth Taylor had extra set of eyelashes

London: Her violet eyes broke many hearts but not many know that a genetic mutation had left Elizabeth Taylor with an extra set of eyelashes.

The genetic mutation, a rare medical condition known as distichiasis added a captivating appeal by framing Taylor's deep violet eyes, the Daily Mail reported.

Taylor, hailed by many as the world's most beautiful woman, was born with this condition. The doctor, who delivered Taylor on February 27, 1932 told her parents about the genetic mutation, which is caused as a result of an abnormal

Elizabeth Taylor born with two sets of eyelashes

A genetic mutation had left Elizabeth Taylor with an extra set of eyelashes.

development of the FOXC2 gene.

In fact, Taylor's mother is said to have responded: "Well. That doesn't sound too horrible at all." The condition, more commonly seen in pure-bred dogs

than in humans, can be painful if the hair on the second row of eyelashes do not grow in a straight line.

But Taylor escaped with such complications. The actress, who made her film debut with 'Lassie Come Home' at the age of 10, however, created a sensation on the first day of the shoot.

According to J Randy Taraborelli's biography of Taylor, star of the film Roddy McDowall, then 13, recalled: "On her first day of filming, they took one look at her and said: 'Get that girl off the set she has too much eye

make-up on, too much mascara.'

"So they rushed her off the set and started rubbing at her eyes with a moist cloth to take the mascara off. Guess what? They learned that she had no mascara on. She has a double set of eyelashes. Now, who has double eyelashes except

a girl who was absolutely born to be on the big screen?"