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Jul 08, 2012 at 03:57pm IST

End of a dream run for Airport Express Metro line?

New Delhi: For the Delhi Metro's Airport Express line, it is the end of a dream run. India's first public-private Metro Rail partnership, the Reliance Infra-Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) Airport Express has been suspended, just a year after it was started with much aplomb.

Dr Sudhir Krishna, Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development, said, "Reliance has reported there are some defects in the structure. Repairs need to be done below girders in odd location, which is not possible when the train is moving."

The move is a big blow to nearly 15,000 passengers who use the Airport Express service everyday.

The operators, however, say that safety must come first. But the question everyone is asking is why these technical snags weren't detected and rectified before the service was launched.

Dr Krishna said, "This was kind of a pilot effort. The model is good. We have to learn and rectify the errors."

Meanwhile, DMRC Chief Mangu Singh said, "The fault has been detected before any major problem could happen."

A venture that cost nearly Rs 5000 crore has developed a snag that could endanger the lives of thousands of passengers. Hopefully, the DMRC will be able to rectify the error within the promised timeframe and by the end of August, the Express line will be back on track.