Apr 15, 2008 at 06:33pm IST

End sycophancy: Cong tells Rahul-as-PM criers

New Delhi: Congress leaders who have promoting Amethi MP Rahul Gandhi as a fit candidate for the Prime Minister’s post have got a stern message: stop the sycophancy.

"The Congress would like to put an end to all speculation, and states that it is not appropriate to spread such political speculation in this way. The UPA government, which includes the Prime Minister and his team, has done some great work over the last four years. Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi have always kept away from any environment of sycophancy,'' said party spokesperson Jayanti Natarjan in a press statement.

The statement on the behalf of the All India Congress Committee came after two senior Cabinet ministers declared that Rahul must be projected as the prime ministerial candidate.

POLITICALLY CORRECT: Sonia Gandhi has kepy away from sycophancy, says party.

External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Tuesday said “young people” must get a chance at leadership. "Always leadership will go to young people. It is an universal truth," said Mukherjee when asked to comment on HRD Minister Arjun Singh’s comment that there was nothing wrong in projecting Rahul for the PM’s post.

"Everywhere new leadership is coming. If he (Arjun Singh) has suggested there is nothing wrong in it. There is no controversy," said Mukherjee.

Asked if the Congress had met over making Rahul as the prime ministerial candidate, he said: "When occasions arise, it will be discussed".

Singh had on Monday said Rahul should be projected as the Congress’ prime ministerial candidate. "Why not," he said in an interview to the Press Trust of India when asked whether a young leader should be projected for the post.

"He (Rahul) has all the qualities of his father. He is making sincere efforts in acquiring the information and knowledge that is required," Arjun said when asked about Amethi MP. Singh agreed that this is the right time for Rahul to be seen to be in the race for the PM’s post,” he said.

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