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Jul 13, 2011 at 06:25pm IST

'Engine failure behind Kalka Mail tragedy'

New Delhi: Railway Ministry sources tell CNN-IBN that engine failure could be the cause of the Kalka Mail accident that killed over 60 people on Sunday. The engine of the Kalka Mail stopped suddenly leading to the accident according to the sources.

Malfunction of the undergear of the locomotive could also be a reason. The driver of the Kalka Mail said he saw the engine shaking.

The application of emergency brake theory is not true according to the Railway sources.

WAP7 high speed engine attached to Kalka Mail is one of the most advanced technologies used by the Indian Railways.

The train derailed in Uttar Pradesh leaving over 67 passengers dead and about 250 injured, touting it to be the worst accident of this year. The train was reportedly travelling at a speed of 108 Km/Hr when it derailed near Fatehpur Malwan railway station at 12:20 pm on Sunday.

The impact was such that 13 bogies were thrown off the tracks, many on top of others, which left them badly mangled.

The train had 1,200 passengers on board when the incident took place leaving scores trapped inside. The first helping hand came from the locals as soon as the police reached the accident spot.

Many passengers broke the the glass windows of the 3 AC tier coaches to free themselves.