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Jun 20, 2007 at 09:47am IST

Engineer by day, peddler by night

Pune: An abandoned building on the outskirts of Pune, with unpainted walls and no glass on the windows is the perfect place for Satish Mankar to make some money on the side.

Satish, a software engineer by profession by the day and a drug peddler by night is the changing face of Pune's drug mafia. He works for an American MNC, and knows all about computers and drugs

“A drop of LSD would cost something between Rs 250 to Rs 500. Ecstasy would cost around Rs 300 to Rs 800,” says Satish.

For the well educated, smooth talking and an upwardly mobile Satish, it wasn't hard to find the right people to do business with.

His job at the MNC made it easy for him to meet the likes of Rajesh Unniyal. A frustrated IT engineer, Unniyal who lives alone in Pune was an ideal target for Satish.

"After a long and frustrating week, we need to chill out,” Uniiyal says.

But when asked if they’ve read about the side effects of drugs, Satish and Rajesh say marijuana isn't really a drug at all and smoking weed is no big deal.

“What's wrong in having it? God has made it for us. It less harmful than alcohol,” says Satish.

Social acceptability of certain drugs and the lack of guided information may be reviving back the drug culture of the late 80s. But as much as the choice is available, it’s changing the profile of today's drug peddler and is keeping the police busy.

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