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Feb 20, 2013 at 10:28am IST

Environment-friendly electric cars create flutter in Jalandhar

Jalandhar: With a fuel price hike every other day a man in Jalandhar is dedicating himself in an effort to find an economical and ecological solution to fuel guzzling cars. Sumeet Aneja has come up with many attractive, viable and most importantly buy-able electric cars.

Aneja's electric dreams faced initial roadblocks, but the eternal optimist went ahead and set up a unit for the nifty electric vehicles. Aneja's unit now has a whole range of the environment-friendly cars.

Aneja said he knows that the only way ahead in the future is to go no-gasoline. He has, therefore, been working on making the attractive, viable and buy-able electric cars.

"Just as a guy would want to go to tailor to get his suit made, we go to great lengths to customise the cars," Aneja said.

"There is no comparison with these cars. They are a league of their own. Punjabis invest in big cars, but these cars get everyone to turn heads. They are way ahead of traditional cars, which are way more expensive, and you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for these electric cars," said Gursimran Kaur, co developer of the cars.

Aneja is now waiting for a few permits to come his way before he unleashes the electric cars on the highways. For now, he makes do with the strong positive feedback he gets any time the cars are out on test drives.

People cause traffic jams, jump out of their cars, take pictures on mobile phones and even get inside the car to be photographed. For those who have already got hold of the cars in the beta mode, the head-turning value and the feeling that they are saving the environment even despite them owning cars have been the tipping point. Making inroads are these trendy electric cars with lots of head turning value, saving the environment, fuel and of course money.