Oct 03, 2013 at 04:35pm IST

Et tu MS Dhoni? The funniest 'Sir Ravindra Jadeja' jokes

New Delhi: Days after a Wikipedia entry described cricketer Ravindra Jadeja as a philanthropist and a Nobel laureate, his mates from the Indian Premier League team Chennai Super Kings - Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Suresh Raina and Ravichandran Ashwin - had a field day pulling his leg with their own versions of the viral 'Sir Ravindra Jadeja' jokes that have been doing the rounds of social networking sites for some time now.

Though most of the jokes were rehashed from classic Rajinikanth memes, nonetheless, Jadeja, an allrounder from Saurashtra who was one of the top performers in the Test series against Australia, was the butt of much merriment on Twitter.

But this isn't good news for Rajinikanth.

Et tu Dhoni? The funniest 'Sir Ravindra Jadeja' jokes

Dhoni, Raina and Ashwin are having a field day pulling cricketer 'Sir Ravindra Jadeja''s leg on Twitter.

"God realised RAJNI sir is getting old so he created Sir Ravindra Jadeja," Dhoni tweeted to his 1.8 million followers on Tuesday.

Here's another one: "Sir Jadeja once wanted to make a silt mountain to play as a kid now v all call it mt. Everest."

If Dhoni can, what's stopping Ravichandran?

"Sir once memorized videos,photos and text.Now we use them as hard disks and pen drives," Ravichandran tweeted with the hash tag #SirCSK.

Here are some of the funniest 'Sir Ravindra Jadeja' jokes from his team-mates.

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