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Apr 05, 2007 at 10:31am IST

Exclusive: Clooney revisits WW II

New York: George Clooney hits Indian cinemas this weekend with his latest film The Good German.

In an exclusive interview to CNN-IBN’s Indira Kannan, Clooney speaks about his latest role and Hollywood's fascination with World War II.

An excerpt:

Indira Kannan: Why are filmmakers so intrigued by World War II? Is there much more intrigue or complexity that you don’t find in more modern conflicts? Is that why they keep returning them?

George Clooney: Certainly most conflicts have had a lot of coverage and a lot of films have been made about them. I think since World War II since it was a great event of the last century, there’re still a lot of things to talk about. We’ve done it from a lot of different angles. We’ve done it as a sort of pro-War, propaganda kind of thing, then we did the best years of our lives by looking back and saying ‘look how tough it was on people’. Now it’s a much more skewed version of what happened right after the war, which I think, was a very interesting period of time.

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Catch the entire interview with George Clooney on E-Tonight on April 5, 23:30 hrs (IST) on CNN-IBN. The transcript will be available on IBNlive.com