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May 04, 2013 at 09:16am IST

Maharashtra: Ex-top policemen take on Home Minister Patil for interfering in transfers, postings

Mumbai: At a time when the independence of the CBI is being questioned, the police forces in most states continue to function under political influence. Former top police officers have taken on the Maharashtra Home Minister RR Patil for direct interference in police transfers and postings in the state.

More than three years after the then Home Minister P Chidambaram lamented the interference of the political executive in police transfers and postings, saying they were kicked around like footballs, not much has changed. The Maharashtra government, Patil in particular is guilty of undermining the police leadership.

Patil has now appropriated for his department the powers to promote police officers from the sub inspector level. In 2012, Patil had taken over the powers of transfer of police officers.

Led by Former top police official Julio Riberio, IPS officers and bureaucrats have petitioned the Chief Minister and will now be giving a report of recommendations to bring some transparency to the process.

Despite a historic Supreme Court ruling clearly defining transfers and tenures, states continue to hide behind their continually guaranteed right to control and organise the police force. Meanwhile, next week six states including Maharashtra will have to tell the apex court whether they have complied with directives on police reforms give by the court.