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Sep 24, 2008 at 12:06am IST

F1's first ever night race at Singapore GP

Singapore: If the fast world of Formula One needed any more spice to its red hot season of 2008, it has arrived. The Formula One show rolls into its newest town Singapore this weekend for the first ever night race.

Powerful floodlights will illuminate the roads around Marina Bay in Singapore - the second new venue on the 2008 calendar after Valencia.

While the racing in the Spanish port city disappointed, the sheer novelty value of a race starting at 2000 hrs local time will ensure Singapore's historic debut.

"I have seen the plans and the Grand Prix looks amazing so far, even if before we can get a real idea I would like to drive on the circuit for the first time, or anyway to see the first the circuit laid down, to understand especially the safety, the corners, the speed - and then you get a better idea about the set-up and the kind of downforce we're going to have," Jarno Trulli, Toyota F1 driver, says.

The glare off a wet track under artificial lights will have to be countered as well as the huge demands of racing on a tight but pretty quick, wall-lined downtown circuit.

"At that time of year you obviously have the possibility of rain, exactly at that time of the evening because that is the time that your rain will come following a hot and humid day so there's a lot of issues there - driving at night, under artificial light - with rain obviously is something that is even beyond what we're looking at," Richard Cregan, Toyota Racing team manager, adds.

Forget their inexperience with night racing and the strong possibility of rain. The main concern for the drivers is when will they all sleep.

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