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Dec 24, 2009 at 03:24am IST

Karkare's jacket was thrown away by sweeper

New Delhi: More than a year ago during the Mumbai terror attack then Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) chief Hemant Karkare’s bulletproof jacket went missing. Now according to a report in a national daily, a hospital sweeper has confessed that he threw the jacket away by mistake.

The 35-year-old sweeper from Mumbai’s JJ Hospital said he had mistakenly put the jacket along with non-medical waste bags, which was later sent to the Deonar dumping ground.

The Mumbai Police has not commented on this latest turn of events. However, Karkare's widow Kavita Karkare said that this is a cover up to end the mystery of the missing jacket.

“I am not convinced. It’s a cover up. I have lost all hope in this case and it seems I will never get justice,” Kavita Karkare told CNN-IBN.

Ex-policeman and RTI activist YP Singh, who has been keenly following the case, also said the latest revelations are a cover-up.

“This was expected. Jacket was part of the property to charge Kasab. But nobody was questioned. This theory of the sweeper is not credible. If at all he did it then it was under someone else’s orders. As complainant we are going to contest this stand,” Singh said.

Hemant Karkare was shot dead by terrorists during the 26/11 terror attacks near Cama hospital in Mumbai.

Unanswered questions in the case:

Why was a sweeper handling crucial evidence like Karkare’s jacket?

Why was the evidence in the hospital left unattended 24 hours after 26/11?

Why did it take the sweeper one year to confess?

What are the circumstances of his confession?

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