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Mar 12, 2014 at 08:42am IST

Farming not a preferred profession for 76 per cent rural youth: survey

New Delhi: While the farmers grapple with mounting loses due to the unseasonal rain and hailstorm in the last fortnight, a survey conducted by the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies has found that 76 per cent of India's youth from rural areas does not want to take up farming as their profession and 60 per cent of the farmers want their children to migrate to the city.

The eye opener survey was conducted on over 5000 farmer households across 137 districts and 18 states.

According to the survey, most farmers feel that only rich farmers have got the benefits of government schemes and policies related to farming. Only 19 per cent have said that subsidy should continue as it is while it was only 27 per cent people who had heard about Land Acquisition Law out of which 57 per cent felt that farmers stand to lose from the law.

Among the respondents, 61 per cent have opted to leave farming if they get employment in the city. 83 per cent of the farmers had not even heard about FDI and 51 per cent of those who had heard about it did not want it to be allowed in agriculture. It was only a share of 40 per cent landless farmers who supported FDI.

The survey also explored the farmers' preference of political parties. It seems that the Congress party appears to have lost the perception battle among farmers. The BJP is marginally ahead with 16 per cent saying that it would take care of their interest compared to 13 per cent of the BJP. However, importantly, 57 per cent said they did not have an answer.

"There is a perception among the people that the Congress has not delivered for the past ten years. The votes of the farmers who are looking for an alternative are likely to go towards the BJP," Sanjay Kumar Professor CSDS said.

"Most of the farmers do not have an opinion about political parties especially national parties. They are disheartened and that is the message I get from the data," Chairman Bhartiya Krushak Samaj Ajay Vir Jakhar said.