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Sep 04, 2013 at 09:40am IST

Fear grips Bangalore as serial rapist remains on the run

Bangalore: Many in Bangalore are now living in fear with a serial rapist known as 'psycho Shankar' on the run. In a big slip up by the Bangalore police, this convicted rapist escaped from the prison. A massive manhunt is now on.

The runaway rapist is still on the loose and has left Bangalore scared. Shankar, a convicted rapist and murderer who still faces charges in 24 cases, staged a daring escape by vaulting the 30-feet high walls of the Bangalore central jail early on Sunday morning. While lookout notices are pasted at all state boundaries and key junctions, a special squad of the police still hasn't managed to nab him.

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"As of now we have no specific leads. We have formed special teams and are in touch with police in other states and other districts," Bangalore police commissioner Raghavendra Auradkar said.

Even as the manhunt progresses, citizens are accusing the police of not doing enough. "The police are not going to do anything, that's for sure. I think we just have to protect ourselves, that's all," said a Bangalore resident.

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Reports about prisoners accessing phones and drugs in prison have also left women activists angry. "As it is, it is not safe. Leaving these scoundrels out, women are just not safe, until he is arrested, I don't think women can come out of their homes," said women's rights activist Pramila Nesargi.

The fact that the police are as clueless as the public isn't helping matters much. But the one question that keeps coming up over and over is how could they. How could the system allow something like this to happen?