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Oct 08, 2006 at 09:22am IST

Fear lingers on for quake survivors

Jammu: A year after the earthquake in both sides of Kashmir, Indian survivors who fought the disaster in Pakistan recall the horror of the tragedy and the blessed feeling of being saved by strangers.

“Whenever the bed shakes a little I feel it's an earthquake. It's a fear I can't let go of. I feel we'll be buried again. We are still so scared," says one of the survivors, Jagish Lal Tandon.

Seventy-six-year-old Tandon will always the remember the morning of October 8, 2005.

He, along with his brother and son, were the first Hindus to take the Uri-Muzaffarabad bus service to Pakistan.

But the visit ended in a tragedy. Tandon lost his brother Basti Ram to the quake. He spent over 10 hours under the debris, praying.

“I knew that it's time to remember god and I just left everything else," recounts Tandon.

The Tandons had been rescued by complete strangers in Pakistan.

The quake, they say, taught them an important lesson - that there is no tomorrow.

And even if there is one, they say they have only one wish - to go back to Pakistan and thank their saviours.

"I want to go back and thank those who saved them and ask if there is anything I can do to help them. It would be showing respect to them," says Subash Tandon.