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Jun 09, 2009 at 09:17am IST

Federer eyes gold medal at London Olympics

Roger Federer is being called the best tennis player ever after he won his first French Open men's singles title and equalled Pete Sampras' record of 14 Grand Slam titles.

Federer spoke exclusively to CNN on everything from arch-rival Rafael Nadal, to the birth of his child and his future plans.

"I have beaten him in Madrid a couple of week ago. It wasn't the French Open. I know I have never beaten him here and I have incredible respect for his accomplishments here in Paris. All over now... Australia, Wimbledon, Olympic Games... he has been so successful that it would really have been a very difficult match. I am sure if I had beaten Nadal in the final maybe it would have been even bigger. There was so much history in this, in this final for me... anyway Nadal or no Nadal I knew it was going to be milestone in tennis history," Federer said about his rivalry with Rafael Nadal.

CNN: You have reached that level of having won every thing there is to win. What is there to motivate you as a player?

Roger Federer: I mean it's true. It is a good question because what's the point now. You could think this way. It was the same thing when I won my first Wimbledon. That's what I always wanted. To win Wimbledon or to play at Wimbledon and I did that in 2003 already. I came back every year and I won it again and again and again. I think that's what champions want to do. They want to come back and prove themselves over and over again. For me the question is not so much like 'OK now I have achieved everything why play'. I love the game too much to walk away from it. It has given me everything I ever wanted. My wife would like to see play for many more years to come because she wants that my kid see me play one day. That has been a big, big dream. She is pregnant and so this has been the perfect timing. But I would like to play for many more years to come. Well definitely until the 2012 Olympics in London which will be held at Wimbledon.

CNN: Do you know if your going to have a son or a daughter? Do you have names picked out?

Roger Federer: Ya! We do know everything but we are not going to say. We have sort of an idea of names but it is so hard. There are so many out there.

CNN: What is easier to pick, girl's name or boy's name?

Roger Federer: It is the same because you want to pick a name you like and the kid is happy.