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Mar 22, 2013 at 05:49pm IST

FIH introduces time limit on penalty corners, scraps extra time

New Delhi The International Hockey Federation (FIH) on Thursday made two major announcements after its Executive Board meeting in Lausanne, bringing in a time-limit rule on penalty corners and scrapping extra time for all tied classification games in an FIH event.

The FIH Executive Board held one of its three annual meetings last weekend, where it decided to implement a 45-second time limit to take penalty corners after observing that the teams were taking too long to shoot. The board also decided to do away with the extra-time rule at all FIH events, announcing that the tied classification games will go straight to a shootout.

"The Executive Board decided to implement a 45-second shot clock for all penalty corners. After seeing that the time taken for penalty corners was gradually increasing, the Executive Board felt this was an important measure to speed up the game while still giving teams enough time to prepare for penalty corners. The rule is set to take effect in time for the Women's Hockey World League Round 4 tournament in Argentina." FIH said on its website.

FIH introduces time limit on penalty corners, scraps extra time

A file photo of the New Zealand men's team in position to take a penalty corner. (Getty Images)

The FIH also announced that there will be no extra time at the end of tied classification games in an FIH event. Classification matches ending in a deadlock will go straight away to a shootout to decide the winner. "Another major change on the competition side was the decision to no longer have extra time at any FIH events. Classification games that are tied at the end of regulation will go directly into a shootout," FIH said.

The game's apex body also announced the invitational places for the 2014 Champions Trophy: Germany and England for the men's competition and New Zealand and China for the women's.