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May 03, 2011 at 10:52am IST

Film made on Nandigram carnage

Nandigram: The Nandigram violence will now be a part of a film that also includes victims of rape, arson and other atrocities in Nandigram. The actors of the film are the victims of the Nandigram carnage.

For 15-year-old Nandigram victim Bulu Mir the wounds on his body may have healed but not the scars it has left behind. Shot in the head during the infamous Nandigram carnage Bulu was saved miraculously. His story is now a part of celluloid

"Through this film everyone will know the torture I went through," Mir said.

Like, Aleya Bibi who was shot in the stomach by CPI-M cadres and lost her-two-year old daughter in the attack is also a part of a film titled 'Chokker Paani' that tells the story of their ordeal. The film is on its last leg of shooting and includes several other victims of rape, arson and other atrocities in Nandigram.

Aleya Bibi said, "Only the people of Nandigram know what really happened here, now it's for everyone to know."

Manik Mondal whose novel the film is based on describes it as an extension of their protest that the political parties should know

"Promoting this film before the polls takes their voice to the people and the politicians," Mondal said.

For most of the victims who have acted in this film, it hasn't been easy to re-live their traumatic past in front of the camera. But with their eye on the elections on the May 3, they don't want their past to haunt them any more, but look forward to a brighter future, a better tomorrow.