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Apr 22, 2010 at 07:49pm IST

FIRST CUT: Sukhwinder's 'Kuchh Kariye'

Sukhwinder Singh makes something like a rockstar debut in Kuchh Kariye, directed by Jagbir Dahiya. The film manages to generate some laughs, but over the performances and the storyline.

Kuchh Kariye perhaps is eligible to make it to the record books as it has seven songs in the first half and nine songs in total. And no prizes for guessing whom the songs feature. Maybe a music album with these songs could have been a feather on his cap. Sukhwinder has successfully managed to make one thing clear - singers venturing into acting are not a threat to the actors!

Kuchh Kariye highlights the current scenario of terrorism which has disrupted peace all over the world. The hero Rishi (Sukhwinder Singh), becomes a strong voice to put an end to it. So, what inspires him to do it? That is something for you to find out. But don't bother, just read on.

FIRST CUT: Sukhwinder's 'Kuchh Kariye'

Sukhwinder Singh in 'Kuchh Kariye' (Publicity Still)

Rishi wants to be a music director and his girlfriend Alpna (Shriya) is an aspiring actress. They both head to Mumbai to realise their dreams. They meet Javed Khan (Vikrum Kumar), a controversial writer and a psychic (Vikrum Kumar) in the train, who sadly had to leave his town as his latest book didn't go down well with religious communities who eventually put his house on fire.

Cut to Mumbai. The three are wandering on the streets of the glittering city and bump into Shani (Rufy Khan) who is an aspiring actor. Rishi is so philosophical all throughout the film that he scares Sunny in the first meet by saying a dialogue, the latter was just asking for an address. "Tumhare Pass Patah Toh Hai, Hamare Pass Toh Patah Bhi Nahi Hai." (You at least have an address, but we don’t even know where to go). Whatever that meant. Finally, 'the address' leads them to Pappu Halva (Mushtaq Khan) who gives them shelter in the city.

There is very much a possibility that Sukhwinder Singh might lose a few of his fans if they watch this film. Forget being convincing, he fails to even have a variation in his dialogues in the most dramatic situations. The movie breaks into a song more than often and every time he sings, it appears that he is at a live concert dancing with the sultry dancers around him. The minute the songs ends, his husky voice breaks into heavy Urdu words, which makes you believe that he is just meant for singing.

One thought that only Govinda wore the most colourful clothes in his movies. Now, we have a new name to add to the list. Also, Sukhwinder had no chemistry with his flame (Alpna) in the film and a forceful romantic song tried to depict them as Yash Raj Films' star cast dancing in the snow. At times, it was weird to see Sukhwinder touching Mushtaq Khan all over his face while enacting a scene. Maybe their chemistry could help boost ticket sales

There is a song which needs special mention for creativity. Sukhwinder animatedly plays with all the planets and kicks the Earth like a football. He exposes his waxed chest and with no signs of six packs. He wears a curly wig resembling Kailash Kher and some make-up below his eyes, which makes him look like a Red Indian.

The filmmaker has forcefully tried to insert too many things in the storyline; to name a few, live-in relationships, compromises made by strugglers in the film industry and problems suffered by a commoner who dares to voice his opinion. But the real issue of terrorism fails miserably to create an impact.

Verdict: So don't bother wasting your money behind this crap. Google a song of Sukhwinder and enjoy what he is really good at.

Rating: Don't bother.

By Mehul Satish Thakkar