Mar 18, 2011 at 05:46pm IST

Five-year-old finds million-year-old fossil

London: A five-year-old girl in Britain has found a massive 160 million-year-old fossil while digging with her plastic beach spade.

Emily Baldry found the pre-historic specimen at Cotswold Water Park in Gloucestershire, Daily Express reported Friday.

She was digging when her plastic spade struck something hard.

Five-year-old finds 160 million-year-old fossil

It is a mollusc fossil that lived in the oceans in the Jurassic period.

Her father Jon and palaeontologist Neville Hollingworth helped Emily dig it out and were left amazed to find a rare fossil. It was of a mollusc that lived in the oceans in the Jurassic period.

"She (Emily) is a very inquisitive little girl and got very excited about going on a proper dig. To find something like this was very special," Jon was quoted as saying.

Palaeontologist Hollingworth said: "I have been looking for these for around 25 years and only found three."