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Mar 29, 2008 at 10:16pm IST

Testing ground: Mumbai emerges as best airpor

New Delhi: Mumbai has emerged as the best airport among the 6 metro airports polled in an exclusive CNN-IBN and AC Nielsen State of Indian Airports survey.

CNN-IBN and AC Nielsen conducted an exclusive nationwide poll to find how "aero dynamic" are our airports. Terminals across the country competed for the title of "India's best Airport" based on passenger experience and infrastructural efficiency.

Mumbai Airport came out with flying colours and was voted the best overall airport and also the safest. However, it was crash landing for Hyderabad's old airport.

Although Mumbai bagged the honours, only 44 per cent of passengers rate the overall experience in Indian airports as good and the rest term it as "just okay".

With a quarter saying baggage handling and its loss is a problem, another quarter says airports are unclean. 18 per cent felt there was no proper waiting area and 17 per cent said flight information was inadequate.

“I am not saying it is pardonable but it is something that can happen in any part of the world. I have travelled with great difficulty even at developed airports,” says Aviation Minister, Praful Patel.

Three quarter of those surveyed want more than one airport for their city and the other three quarters prefer private airports because they are sure that private airports will provide better service.

With many more airports gearing up to meet global standards, however all that will not happen overnight.

“Rome wasn't built in a day,” quotes Praful Patel.

In the next two years, Indian airports are geared to become truly international. However, one wishes that the Delhi Airport had taken a cue from the Delhi and designed for the convenience of people.

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