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Folk singer Malini Awasthi appointed Bhojpuri brand Ambassador

Press Trust of India
Aug 07, 2013 at 08:02pm IST

Noted folk singer Malini Awasthi was appointed as Brand Ambassador of Bhojpuri to promote the language on Wednesday. "The Bhojpuri Academy has appointed Malini Awasthi as its brand Ambassador for promotion of Bhojpuri language," Ravi Kant Dubey, Chairman of Bihar Bhojpuri Academy, told reporters in Patna.

Known for her rendition of Bhojpuri folk songs and adhering to cultural moorings of the language, Malini Awasthi represents Bhojpuri society in true sense, Dubey said about the singer. He showed an acceptance letter from Malini Awasthi which said she was happy with the task assigned to her by Bihar government's body for promotion of Bhojpuri language and culture.

Dubey lamented that Bhojpuri language and culture was witnessing a dip in recent times with younger generation considering vulgar Bhojpuri songs and films as tradition of the rich language.

Folk singer Malini Awasthi appointed Bhojpuri brand Ambassador

Folk singer Malini Awasthi appointed Bhojpuri brand Ambassador

The Bihar Bhojpuri Academy had recently organised an International cultural meet in Patna in which representatives from Australia, England, Mauritius, Nepal, Oman, Singapore and noted personalities like Malini Awasthi, singer-actor Manoj Tiwari, mathematician Vashist Narayan Singh participated. More than 25 crore people speak Bhojpuri language in 20 countries.


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