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Nov 22, 2008 at 06:24pm IST

Rahul not shot point blank: Forensic report

Mumbai: IBN7, the Hindi news channel of CNN-IBN has received exclusive information that Mumbai police and crime branch are now in possession of the controversial Forensic Report on Rahul Raj's case.

Earlier this month reports of doctor Chikalkar, who conducted autopsy on Raj's body claimed that Raj had been shot at from close range.

However, the Forensic laboratory report states that Rahul Raj had been shot from a distance of at least 6 feet.

IN THE LIGHT: Rahul Raj's killing has been vehemently condemned by politicians in Bihar.

The doctor had later gone back on his statement refusing to comment further on it.

Rahul Raj was the Bihari boy who had been shot dead by the Mumbai Police after hijacking a bus with twelve passengers.

The killing has been condemned by politicians in Bihar who have been saying that Mumbai police could have arrested the boy instead of killing him.

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