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Foxconn denies worker unrest slows iPhone assembly

Associated Press
Oct 07, 2012 at 10:57am IST

Beijing: Foxconn Technology Group denied today that production was affected at a Chinese factory that makes Apple's iPhones, although both state media and an overseas labor watch group said some workers halted production lines, apparently over higher quality control standards.

New York-based China Labor Watch reported that 3,000 to 4,000 workers at the Foxconn plant in the central China's Zhengzhou city went on strike yesterday over increased quality control demands and having to work during an extended national holiday.

The official Xinhua News Agency, quoting a spokesman for the management committee of the Xinzheng Comprehensive Bonded Area where the plant is located, said some production lines were halted yesterday when workers persuaded quality inspectors to skip work to show their dissatisfaction over higher quality standards.

Foxconn denies worker unrest slows iPhone assembly

Foxconn Technology Group denied today that production was affected at a Chinese factory that makes Apple's iPhones.

In a written statement issued today, the Taiwan-based electronic manufacturer Foxconn said production at the Zhengzhou plant continued without interruption. It denied any strike or work stoppage.

Foxconn said there were two isolated, small-scale disputes between production line workers and quality assurance personnel on Monday and Tuesday, but it added that they were quickly addressed.

It did not specify what issues had caused the disputes but said immediate measures were taken to resolve the problems, including adding production line workers.

Xinhua said some workers were unhappy when Apple strengthened quality inspections of the iPhone 5 following consumer complaints regarding aesthetic flaws in the phone.

In the Xinhua report, the spokesman who was not named characterized the incident as a worker-management dispute instead of a strike and was unable to provide a specific number of workers involved.

China Labor Watch said several iPhone 5 production lines at the factory were paralyzed after the workers found the new quality control demands difficult to meet and went on strike.

The group said the workers also were angry about being forced to work through China's National Day Golden Week holiday, which ends tomorrow.


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