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Jan 31, 2013 at 12:11pm IST

Friday Release 'Listen Amaya': Rekindling the Farooq-Deepti romance

New Delhi: If you have grown up mooning over Farooq Shaikh and Deepti Naval's on-screen romance, debutant director Avinash Kumar Singh's 'Listen Amaya' will be the film to watch this weekend as the everlasting pair returns to the big screen.

The film stars beside Shaikh and Naval, Swara Bhaskar in the lead role.

"The film is a story about relationships. About the coming of age of a daughter who learns to see her mother as an individual person with her own desires and needs. It asks the very pertinent question that is there an appropriate age to fall in love?" Swara says about the theme of 'Listen Amaya'.

Listen Amaya: Rekindling the Farooq-Deepti romance

The audiences have become more open towards offbeat films, and thus 'Listen Amaya' has a good chance to excel.

"Theirs is a beautiful pairing and there is a lot of nostalgia and romance associated with their comeback. Both Deepti ma'am and Farooque sir are very warm people and they made me feel very comfortable. I really enjoyed spending time with and shooting with them. Soon after the release of 'Tanu Weds Manu', Avinash got in touch with me and we met. The moment I heard Deepti ma'am and Farooque sir were doing the film I already felt inclined to say yes."

Swara further says, "Just watching them both at work was a big lesson for me. They are both so effortless and easy in front of the camera, their performance is so fluid yet convincing and intense. That's a great lesson for an actor and the toughest thing to achieve in one's performance."

'Listen Amaya' is set in the backdrop of Delhi, "I play a young Delhi girl- urbane, confident, full of energy and ambition, but also possessive and insecure. She is used to her mother's undivided love and attention. I keep joking with director Avinash Singh that Amaya is the villain of the film! I believe only the most hardened cynic will remain unmoved by this film."

Nowadays when the Hindi film industry is getting warm response to offbeat films, 'Listen Amaya' has a fair chance to excel at the commercial front.


Are you looking forward to 'Listen Amaya'?