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Dec 08, 2011 at 05:04pm IST

Friday Release: Newcomers in 'Ye Stupid Pyar'

New Delhi: The Hindi film industry is an ever growing business where each Friday brings some new faces to the forefront. 'Ye Stupid Pyar' has also brought two fresh actors to the public's court.

It's less than 24 hour for Jatin Khurana and Noopur Patwardhan to go public for the first time.

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'Ye Stupid Pyar' revolves around Abhishek Khurana (Jatin) who marries Neha (Noopur) on a trip to India. Neha just refuses to like Abhishek who tries everything possible to please her.

Friday Release: Newcomers in 'Ye Stupid Pyar'

'Ye Stupid Pyar' revolves around Abhishek Khurana (Jatin) who marries Neha (Noopur) on a trip to India.

But the story comes to a cross road when Abhishek meets his college girlfriend Simran.

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Word of mouth publicity is still the chief reason behind the commercial success of any film but no film can depend on whispering publicity only. The team of 'Ye Stupid Pyar' has not shown much zeal for the promotions and thus the film has not created a buzz till now. This may hamper the producer’s plan who will have to solely depend on the performance of the film.

The basic plot line does not look extraordinary and the lack of acting skills is noticeable in whatsoever in the name of promo is available.

The director Rakesh Jain is not a known name either. The official site of the film describes Jain as someone who has been associated with the film industry for more than two decades. Rakesh Jain also seems to have a fair bit of exposure to the world cinema as he is a frequent to major film festivals including hot spots like Cannes, Berlin and Hong Kong. So the audience will not commit a mistake in expecting at least a well crafted film from him.

Vipin Patwa has controlled the music department of the film which appears to be one of the better managed divisions of the film. 'Lamha Lamha' and 'Tere Naam Se' start almost on the same note but KK's voice comes into its traditional groove after some seconds in 'Tere Naam Se'.

Overall the album seems like a half hearted effort to create some trendy tunes. Some may find it largely inspired from Mahesh Bhatt's films.

'Ladies vs Ricky Bahl' and 'Lanka' are releasing simultaneously with 'Ye Stupid Pyar'. Yash Raj Films is leaving no stone unturned to promote their film and 'Lanka' has Manoj Bajpayee's name associated to it, so 'Ye Stupid Pyar' will find it difficult to receive initial enthusiasm from the audiences.

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Are you looking forward to 'Ye Stupid Pyar'?