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Oct 11, 2012 at 04:08pm IST

Friday Release: Ram Gopal Varma ready to scare you in 'Bhoot Returns'

New Delhi: Ram Gopal Varma is all set to scare his audiences in ‘Bhoot Returns’. The maverick director has come up with the sequel of his 2003 film ‘Bhoot’. The theme of ‘Bhoot Returns’ is similar to ‘Bhoot’ but the new film promises more spine chilling moments.

The film stars Manisha Koirala, JD Chakravarthy, Madhu Shalini and Alayana Sharma in the lead roles. All the prominent actors of the film have worked with RGV in the past. Madhu Shalini debuted in Hindi films with RGV’s ‘Department’ while Manisha Koirala had received critical acclaim in Varma’s pathbreaking film ‘Company’.

JD Chakravarthy is not an unknown face for Bollywood fans. He was seen in ‘Satya’, a film that established RGV as a director with distinct aesthetic sense. It’s true that Varma is still a prolific filmmaker but his reputation has been hampered in recent times.

Friday Release: RGV, Manisha's 'Bhoot Returns'

The first poster of 'Bhoot Returns' fetched attention due to optical illusions used in it.

He is man of extremes. On one hand, he makes films such as ‘Satya’, ‘Company’ and ‘Sarkar’, while on the other hand, he comes up with ‘James’, ‘Agyaat’ and ‘Aag’.

The basic story-line is again the same where a family shifts to a haunted house. The trailers of the film suggest something similar to ‘Paranormal Activity’. The way photography is handled in ‘Bhoot Returns’, it seems RGV is going to focus more on 3D effects.

The first poster of the film fetched attention due to the optical illusion used in it but that left the audience wondering whether RGV will feature optical illusions in the film also or not.

RGV’s special interest in horror and gangster genres is not hidden from anyone; seldom does the director focus on romantic stories. This interest leads to innovative ideas at times, like we saw in ‘Bhoot’.

Even his relatively weaker films have something to boast about when it comes to style, so the spectators will be looking forward to another stylish film in ‘Bhoot Returns’.


Are you looking forward to 'Bhoot Returns'?