Aug 26, 2014 at 10:42am IST

From swimming pools in Infosys to a driving range in TCS: 30 photos of the most extravagant corporate IT campuses in India

An engineering student's journey towards Infosys or TCS begins from the campus placement interviews. There are popular jokes and memes about most engineers eventually landing up at these two tech companies by default. But it's only when you enter these campuses that an engineering student realises all those sleepless nights before exams and assignment submissions were worth the effort. Ask any engineering student who has been at the Infosys Mysore campus about the facilities, and they won't be able to stop gushing about the architecture.

The Infosys Mysore campus is the world's largest corporate university and is spread out on an area of around 343 acres. The main building has been inspired by Greek architecture and you'll also find a huge cricket ground, gym, badminton courts, race track, bowling alley, table tennis courts, and four swimming pools.

If you think that's extravagant, you need to see the Tata Consultancy Services campus in Siruseri. The new $200 million IT Park in Siruseri, Chennai has been designed by a Uruguayan architect Carlos Ott to house a staff of close to 30,000. It is believed to be one of the largest IT offices in Asia. These photos of some of the most amazing corporate offices in India will make you feel lucky.

The main building of Infosys Mysore has been inspired by Greek architecture.

The huge cricket ground at Infosys Mysore was offered as a practising ground to the IPL team Chennai Super Kings.

The Infosys Mysore gym.

The Infosys Mysore campus has a badminton court for the staff to relax after a hard day at work.

The Infosys Mysore also has a racing track for the athletes in office.

The bowling alley at Infosys Mysore where employyes can unwind.

The table tennis courts for employees to take a break at Infosys Mysore.

There are four swimming pools in the Infosys Mysore campus.

The training centres at Infosys Mysore.

The rooms for trainees at Infosys Mysore.

Inside the four screen multiplex at the Infosys Mysore campus.

The view of the multiplex at the Infosys Mysore campus from the outside.

The view of the multiplex at the Infosys Mysore campus from the outside.

An aerial view of the Infosys Mysore campus.

And a zoomed-out photo of the aerial view.

The TCS Siruseri, Chennai campus has been designed by a Uruguayan architectural firm Carlos Ott.

The TCS Siruseri, Chennai campus was built to house a staff of 30,000.

TCS Siruseri, Chennai is among the largest IT offices in India

The external view of the TCS Siruseri, Chennai campus.

Aerial view of the TCS Siruseri, Chennai campus. The building uses advanced solar control glasses. It is a high performance coated glass with advanced energy efficient solar control and thermal insulation (low e) properties.

With water bodies, palm trees and, landscaping, this central spine in TCS Siruseri, Chennai, is designed as an area for relaxation.

Each block in TCS Siruseri has two wings connected through bridges leading to the two central core structures which house the elevator lobby. The two wings and the cores structures are covered with expansive multiple 3D umbrella structures.

The Yahoo Office at Bagmane Tech Park, Bangalore, India.

Oracle Financial Services Software Limited office at Bagmane Tech Park, India.

I-flex Solutions building in Bangalore has a peculiar architecture and superb infrastructure. It is located at Bagmane Tech Park, a software technological park in Sir C V Raman Nagar. Courtesy: Quora

The Wipro campus in Greater Noida is a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certified Gold rated Green Building.

The Adobe Systems India has a very colorful campus with an innovative design,situated at Noida. Adobe Noida Headquarters is one of the most imposing building in India. Courtesy:

The Infosys Pune campus has a unique egg-shaped building. Infosys Headquarters building of Hinjewadi Pune looks like a descending spacecraft! Courtesy: