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Future uncertain for mother of baby born mid-air on Emirates flight

Feb 19, 2013 at 01:15pm IST

New Delhi: The mother of a premature baby born mid-air on a Manila-bound Emirates airlines flight from Dubai is fast running out of resources and awaiting help in Kolkata where she remained since giving birth to a baby girl named EK on February 8, 2013.

The flight made a priority landing at the NSC Bose International Airport in Kolkata on Feb 8 after Kyamko Jina Sepulvuda, a 30-year-old Philippines national, gave birth to the baby mid-air.

Sepulvuda, now says that even though the hospital has given her a release certificate and the airport authority's doctor has declared her baby fit to travel, she still faces huge hurdles in returning to her country, according to a report in the Bengali daily Ananda Bazaar Patrika.

Future uncertain for mother of baby born mid-air

The mother of a premature baby born mid-air on a Manila-bound Emirates flight is fast running out of resources.

Sepulvuda's baby is named after the Emirates flight EK 332 on which she was travelling. Sepulvuda, then nine-month pregnant, developed labour pain after about two hours into the flight, reported The Statesman news daily.

The flight, which was being operated on a Boeing 777-300 ER aircraft, was flying over Chittagong in Bangladesh at that time, the paper quoted sources in the Air Traffic Control (ATC) at NSC Bose Airport said as saying.

She was taken to the Charnok Hospital. But now Sepulvuda says she hasn't heard from her home since giving birth. Her boyfriend and father of her baby has left for Manila. She told the ABP that she isn't sure whether he or her family will accept the baby which now weighs 2 kg and 3 grams.

Sepulvuda says she will return to Dubai with her baby if nothing else works out. A friend in Dubai has assured her that she will pay the hospital bills.

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