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Aug 09, 2012 at 11:19am IST

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 may have a flexible screen: Report

New Delhi: The next-generation Samsung Galaxy Note may have a flexible screen, according a Mashable report. But don't let the word "flexible" fool you. A flexible screen here does not mean that you will be able to bend the phablet. It instead means that Samsung is expected to make use of a material that makes the screen more resilient than other glass smartphone screens when it comes to bumps and falls.

"With a flexible display, if you drop your phone on a rock it has a chance of bouncing back. Do the same thing with glass, and you're probably in for trouble," reported Mashable.

Further, according to a report from Korea IT Times, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is expected to feature a 5.5-inch flexible display and utilise Unbreakable Plane (UBP) and plastic substrate that reduces thickness by 0.4mm. According to leaked specs, the phone will have a slightly better screen resolution and a faster 1.6GHz quad-core processor.

Galaxy Note 2 may have flexible screen: Report

A flexible screen here does not mean that you will be able to bend the phablet.

Though there is very little known abut its tech specs, but we are expecting to hear about them soon as the company is expected to reveal the handset at its event on August 29, a few days before IFA kicks off in Berlin.

The current version of the Galaxy Note has a 5.3-inch display, dual 1.4 GHz processor, and an internal storage space of 16GB.

Besides, Samsung has an event slated for next week in New York where it is expected to launch the larger brother of the phone - the Galaxy Note 10.1.