Sep 25, 2012 at 05:20pm IST

Gangnam Style: The 10 most hilarious parody videos

A chubby, rapping singer with slicked-back hair and a tacky suit is the latest musical sensation to burst upon the world from South Korea, via a YouTube music video that has been seen by over 260 million people in under a month.

In a nation famed for the pretty-boy but often bland bands of K-Pop, nobody was more surprised by the success of the video 'Gangnam Style' than its creator, Psy, a musician with a decade-long career in his homeland who never thought to break overseas. Decked out in a bow tie and suit jackets varying from pink to baby blue, as well as a towel for one sequence set in a sauna, the 34-year-old Psy busts funky moves based on horse-riding in venues ranging from playgrounds to subways.

But with fame comes imitators. These are the 10 utterly hilarious parodies of the Gangnam style song.

Psy teaches Britney Spears to dance Gangnam Style

Korean pop star and YouTube sensation Psy gave Britney Spears a surprise visit on the show, and taught her his famous horse dance.

US Naval Academy

How to 'Gangnam Style' Dance Tutorial with PSY and Michelle Park

Nelly Furtado Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style Parody By Hitler

Gandalf Style

Deadpool vs Gangnam Style

Gunman style

Open Cover Skit

Open Condom Style