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Dec 26, 2012 at 05:53pm IST

Gangrape protests: Constable's family says he was pushed, trampled upon by protesters

New Delhi: The family members of deceased constable Subhash Tomar has refuted eyewitness Yogendra's claim that the constable wasn't assaulted and collapsed while walking. Tomar's family members claim that Tomar was trampled upon by anti-rape protesters at India Gate on Sunday.

"My father died because of the chaos during the protests. The protesters pushed him down and trampled over him. He had internal injuries. Those who claim that he didn't receive injuries are lying," Tomar's son Aditya said.

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His family also claimed that he could not have had a cardiac arrest while walking as he wasn't a heart patient. "Subhash Tomar was attacked by the protesters. He didn't suffer from any heart-related problems," Tomar's relative Naveen Chaudhary said.

However, the Medical Superintendent at Ram Manohar Lohia hospital, T S Sidhu, has said that no major external injury marks were found on the body of the deceased constable and that he suffered a knee injury and a chest bruise. He added that Tomar had already suffered a cardiac arrest before he was brought to the hospital.

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Earlier, an eyewitness account and pictures from the scene reportedly contradicted the Delhi Police version that he was assaulted by protesters. A journalism student, who reached the spot after the incident, claims the 46 year-old constable collapsed while walking.

The eyewitness Yongendra said the constable was not assaulted by protesters but simply collapsed while walking. He says he is baffled that the police is alleging murder and have arrested eight people for his death.

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"I was surprised to hear that 8 were arrested over Subhash Tomar's death. I saw him in hospital and and his body didn't have any injuries. He wasn't trampled by a mob, he wasn't assaulted. He just collapsed while walking. I don't think people should be arrested over this," Yogendra said.

This came even as the police said there were injuries on Tomar's stomach, chest and neck, but the post-mortem report is awaited. The Delhi Police have also booked eight people in constable Tomar's case, which includes a member of Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party.

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