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Apr 05, 2013 at 12:23pm IST

Bihar: Gaya man single-handedly manages to pave way through a mountain

Gaya: For 18 years his hammers rang across the mountainside. And for 18 years Ramachandra Das ignored his family and worked like a man possessed to build a road through the mountain. Das said, "It was difficult for people to commute earlier so I thought of carving out a road. Movement in 10 villages has become possible now because of this road."

Inspired by another resident of Gaya who dug up a mountain to create a road, Das took up this impossible challenge in 1993. Today, the route to Gaya from his village has been cut by 25 kilometres thanks to his road.

A driver from the area Suresh Paswan said, "Earlier, we used to drive for 20 kilometres to cross this area but now, it takes just 15 minutes."

When Das began his crusade single-handedly, villagers laughed at him, some even calling him bad. But as the road began to surface, the village started rallying behind him.

Ramachandhra Das has today earned the goodwill and blessings of several people but at a cost. While he was digging away at the mountain, his wife had to fend for herself and their children. If Das has any regrets, he doesn't show them and he believes his mission won't be finished, until all inaccessible areas behind these mountains are connected.

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