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Geetika suicide case: Delhi Police denied custody of Gopal Kanda's aide

Aug 20, 2012 at 06:34pm IST

New Delhi: The plea of Delhi Police seeking custody of former Haryana minister Gopal Kanda's aide Aruna Chadha was on Monday rejected by the court. The court asked the Delhi Police to file another application on Tuesday while continuing to keep Chadha in judicial custody.

The police had demanded three-day custody of Kanda's aide saying they wanted to confront her with the former minister as there were contradictions in their statements.

They also wanted to ask Chadha about the fresh evidence that has been collected. Chadha was an employee of MDLR Airlines and was in constant touch with Geetika.

Geetika case: Police denied custody of Kanda's aide

The Delhi Police had demanded three-day custody of Aruna Chadha saying they wanted to confront her with Gopal Kanda.

Meanwhile, the police also told the court that three hard disks had gone missing from the MDLR office, saying they might have been removed abruptly.

This came hours after the police said that they were ready to do a brain-mapping of Gopal Kanda for more details.

Kanda has claimed he was in Sirsa for all the 11 days when he was declared absconding.

Police began questioning Kanda at 10 am sharp on Sunday. He was taken to the MDLR office and finally brought back to Ashok Nagar police station at 5pm.

Kanda's lawyers said their client is helping the investigation but isn't keeping well.

"He is cooperating with the investigation but his BP shot up so we request he should be given medicine at proper time, Kanda's lawyer Kapil Sanhla.

Police couldn't arrest Kanda till he surrendered 13 days after the suicide. Now that he is in the possession of Delhi Police it will be seen if they can build a strong case against the two accused.


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