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Feb 09, 2010 at 11:18pm IST

Gen Fonseka's wife says he is being framing

New Delhi: Former Sri Lankan Army chief General Sarath Fonseka, the man who led the war against the LTTE, is fighting a losing battle against the Government of President Mahinda Rajapaska.

Cases have been registered against General Fonseka but his family say he is been framed.

"It is abduction for another reason. Up to now we don't know where he is being held. How can that be? If he was arrested then we must be told where he was being held. The government must do that," asks wife of Gen Fonseka, Anoma.

"He was summarily hauled, dragged by his feet and legs and taken away in a very undignified and humiliating fashion," says leader of The Muslim Congress Rauf Hakeen.

The Defence spokesman said General Fonseka faces court-martial for military offences committed during his service.

He's accused of plotting to assassinate President Rajapakse, of seeking to overthrow the government and of conspiring with other army officers and deserters. Arms and explosives were also recovered from three locations.

"Current military leadership feels that his conduct has been inimical to the image of the military. The allegations are related to breach of military code of conduct. So this is not a civil case but a military case," says Prasad Kariyawasam.

Fonseka disagrees and has accused Rajapaksa of planning to arrest or assassinate him because he was gathering evidence that the presidential election which Rajapaksa won was rigged.

Rajapaksa is accused of running the government like a family business.

His three brothers hold key positions including defence secretary. His family is accused of profiting on defence deals, of controlling the island's largest hospital network and of siphoning off nearly $1 million meant for tsunami victims.

Rajapaksa's party was blamed for widespread intimidation and violence during the presidential elections. Journalists have disappeared and some have been found dead. Pro-opposition newspapers have been shut down.

Sources saying India is following the situation but had no comment as it was Sri Lanka's internal affair.