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May 10, 2013 at 06:45pm IST

Gippi: 5 over-exploited plots often seen in teenage films

New Delhi: Bollywood has had its own share of teenage dramas. From Jaya Bachchan's 'Guddi' to Karan Johar's latest offering 'Gippi', the teenage drama have been given a new twist with each passing decade, but there are a few age-old formulas that make it to most of the teenage films.

And, Sonam Nair's 'Gippi' is no different. Despite providing a more realistic approach on the teenage drama, the film also thrives hugely on the clichés that have been seen in most of the teenage dramas.

There are spoilers ahead. In case you haven't watched the film, please come back to this story later.

Gippi: 5 over-exploited plots often seen in teenage films

There are a few age-old formulas that make it to most of the teenage films.

Protagonist is an underdog: No matter what, a teenage film will always have an under confident and not so popular character as the protagonist and 'Gippi' is no different. It tells the story of a 14-year-old plump girl Gippi (Riya Vij) who is struggling to find a foot for herself in the school. She is clearly not liked by many in her peer group and hangs out with the most uncool people. She is not just unpopular but a backbencher who often becomes a butt of joke in the class.

Crush on the wrong guy: This is the most over used and abused formula of teenage films as the most popular guy will always catch the fancy of the underdog protagonist. And, 'Gippi' doesn't disappoint you as she also falls for her good looking senior Arjun (Tahaa Khan) who befriends her only to be later dumped by him in a party.

Parent is the best friend: With not many friends around, the protagonists often find their best friend in their parents. And, the lovable Pappi (Divya Dutta) fills the shoes in the film. She is not just the shoulder to cry on but also extends a helping hand to daughter on her shopping for her first date. "Bras, boyfriends, parties, you are a big girl now", tells the mother.

Transformation: From 'Princess Diaries' to 'Gippi', the teenage films can never be concluded unless the protagonist goes through a physical transformation. From curly locks to straight hair to a backpack of new clothes, the protagonist overnight turns into a much admired and beautiful girl. Even in 'Gippi', just to win the school elections Gippi undergoes transformation to gain more popularity in the school.

Popular guy with a heart of gold: Though the popular guy would always date the meanest girl in the school but like every teenage drama he would have a heart of gold and would later fall for the protagonist. Kabir (Mrinal Chawla) also falls for Gippi despite her being the underdog and extends help to make her win the school elections.