Mar 20, 2008 at 05:29pm IST

Girl born four years after her father's death

London: Her father was not there to jump with joy when she was born. Nor will he be there to sing lullabies to her, to play with her and watch her grow up. Yet Jaimie-Rose Roberts, born four years after her father's death, would always remain a Daddy's girl.

Her mother, Lisa Roberts conceived from the frozen sperm of her late husband James Roberts, who died from cancer at 33. Last week, she gave birth to a baby girl after IVF treatment that doctors warned had only a 20 per cent chance of working.

James was diagnosed with a cancerous leg tumour and was warned that treatment would leave him infertile so he had his sperm frozen for future use and signed over ownership to his wife.

Girl born four years after her father's death

BUN IN THE OVEN: The mother waited for a few years after her husband's death to go through the IVF treatment.

His tumour, however, spread despite the chemotherapy treatment and he died in October 2004.

After waiting for a few years after her husbands death, Mrs Roberts felt strong enough to go through with the IVF treatment.

Doctors had told her that only one of the 10 resulting embryos was viable, dramatically cutting her chance of becoming pregnant to just 20 per cent.

''I used our savings of more than 4,000 pounds to cover the cost because I couldn't think of anything in the world better to spend it on. I know James would have approved of that,'' the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

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